Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Cohen

Just wanted to write a quick post about my favorite TWO year old!!!  Cohen had a birthday on Wednesday, we had a wonderful day with friends and then family.  He got lots of Choo Choo trains which he loves.    I just wanted to write ten things I hope I never forget about Cohen at this age :)

1.  He is a morning person.....very early morning person.
2.  He loves my counter top, if I am not sure where he is at he is probably there.
3.  Fruit Snacks are his favorite.
4.  He attacks us with a MOMMY or DADDY as soon as we get home.  I love this!!!
5.  He has a chipped tooth which I am still not sure how it happened.
6.  He will not take his paci out of his mouth.
7.  He is calling Mickey "Hot Dog"
8.  He looks exactly like Landen did at this age.
9. He thinks the dog is a horse.
10.  He thinks he is six just like his brother.

Happy Birthday Cohen!  We love you and we love how you add so much to our home!  God has blessed us with three beautiful children and I am Thankful he blessed our family with your smile and energy!!!

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