Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winter with five kids.

Wow,  It has been way way too long since I have updated this thing!!  Lots of stuff has been going in the life of the Moores, I don't even know where to start!
 First we will start with the kiddos.  We have had a month of sickness. Aaron has had lots of respitory issues.  Cohen caught it and Kendall for a short period of time.  Kevin now has an ear infection so there has been lots of sleep interupted nights!  Aaron saw a ENT yesterday and was reffered to Riley to see if he may have a possible birth defect where his passage in his nose may not have developed all the way.  Poor guy has been grunting since we got him!
I feel like most of the things we do lately have to be cancelled because of sick kids.  It is a little disappointing since we don't really do much  besides stay at home, when we are having friends over or doing something with friends I really look forward to it, so I get bummed when we have to cancel!
Landen is doing great in Kindergarden....he is loving spelling and learning to read! I love it too! Kendall is also doing great in Pre-K....being a peer friend this year has taught her so much compassion!  We are doing swimming lessons now and she is mother hen to all the kiddos that are scared of the water (which I thought would be her)
We had a great time in was great to get away just the five of us... Disney always is an adventure.  I will have to dedicate a whole blog post to it soon, since I will probably never scrap book any of these events.
In Jan. I ended my three year job at Kingsway.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I enjoyed what I did and got to meet lots of great people but I could never leave it there so giving it up felt right.  I am glad I still get to be part of the nursery because of the foster kiddos being in there.  I am looking forward to serving with the older kids soon in their Sunday School rooms. Tyler and I got to go to church together for the first time in a long time last week!
A couple weeks ago Tyler lost his job that he has been with for the past couple years.  They decided to close their doors after 20 years of business. It is a hard time for us but I do know God has a plan for what he wants Tyler to do. He has had a couple of interviews lately so hopefully we will hear back from a company soon!
So this blog is just filled with updates but it is all stuff to remember.  We are now heading to the park which we haven't done since the fall. Looking forward to being outdoors!

Click on the link below to see recent pics of the kids...