Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Stress I inflict upon myself....

I am a people person.  I have always been one to want to do everything in fear that I will be missing something.  I hear about free food and I want to be the first one there....I love a deal!  Unfortunately with these deals many times I am going to these places 4 kids in tow.  Today they had free kids meals at noodles, instead of doing the easy thing and going home, making the kids lunch and doing naps, I decided to take my four kids to Noodles, on the way there Cohen took a nap which was his 10 min nap for the day.  Then we  get there I have to wait in line for 15 min to order my food while I watch Cohen and Kendall pour salt and pepper all over the table and devour a rice krispy treat that keeps them busy while they are waiting (nice healthy lunch).  They eat two bites of their FREE food and whine about when their friends are going to get there, when we are wrapping up our friends get there  but by now cohen has a second wind and is running out the door every 30 seconds, while I am trying to talk Landen and Kendall into leaving, getting a refill and dealing with a crying Aaron.   By the time I get all the kids ready and out the door, I have to try and convince my almost-two year old that he needs to follow me to get into the car.  Instead of following me he decides to follow his brother into bushes, by the time I get him out of the bushes he is running around the dumpster.
So moral of my it worth a free kids meal that the kids took two bites out of to be stressed out the rest of the day?  No, but next time there is a free kids meal coupon will I remember that...Probably not.

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