Thursday, December 16, 2010

I haven't written in a while and I know I need to keep this blog up or it will go about three years and then I will remember that I have it.  We are enjoying the Christmas season.  The kids are out of school for Christmas break which seems crazy to me...I feel like they just went to school and now the year is half way over.  We got our Ginger Bread house made and will go and see Santa tomorrow at the museum.  Kendall got a peek at Santa last night while he was waiting in line at Kohls....some Santa's have a lot of Christmas sprit but my little girl loved it!!!
Our lives are adjusting well to having five kids. It is crazy but I feel like all the kids have a place and get the time and attention they need. It is amazing how fast these kiddos grow and what they learn all the time.
With the addition of one more baby I decided to quit my job as nursery coordinator at Kingsway.  I still have a few more weeks left but I am considering the leave a good move on my part...I will miss getting to know all the new faces at Kingsway but I am looking forward to attending a whole Sunday morning service and serving with the older kids when Landen moves to the 1st grade area.
Along with quiting my job, I believe that we are getting rid of our dog we have had for six and a half years.  I am not able to give Rudy the attention that he needs so he is going to live with my mom.  Such changes for the Moore household  but I have been given peace about each one, hopefully the kids are given that peace too!!! I know they will miss him but I am so glad they will still get to see him regularly.
So... enough randomness, just wanted to give a quick update and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Hopefully I will get a good new camera soon so I can put some better pics on here.   (hmm. hmm. Santa)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Cohen

Just wanted to write a quick post about my favorite TWO year old!!!  Cohen had a birthday on Wednesday, we had a wonderful day with friends and then family.  He got lots of Choo Choo trains which he loves.    I just wanted to write ten things I hope I never forget about Cohen at this age :)

1.  He is a morning person.....very early morning person.
2.  He loves my counter top, if I am not sure where he is at he is probably there.
3.  Fruit Snacks are his favorite.
4.  He attacks us with a MOMMY or DADDY as soon as we get home.  I love this!!!
5.  He has a chipped tooth which I am still not sure how it happened.
6.  He will not take his paci out of his mouth.
7.  He is calling Mickey "Hot Dog"
8.  He looks exactly like Landen did at this age.
9. He thinks the dog is a horse.
10.  He thinks he is six just like his brother.

Happy Birthday Cohen!  We love you and we love how you add so much to our home!  God has blessed us with three beautiful children and I am Thankful he blessed our family with your smile and energy!!!

Happy Thanksgiving (a couple days late)

Wow, it has been so busy with five kids!!! I am having a lot of fun but I am so so busy and if you don't think I have heard "you have your hands full" lately, I haven' :)
 We got our second foster baby about a week and a half ago.  He is very sweet, we are praying for mom to get better soon so that he can do the important bonding at this age.  I am doing this one completely different than Aaron....trying to take care of the little guy, give him love, but do my best not to know anything more than I need to so that I don't form my own opinions of where he should be.  The kids love having an infant in the house...maybe they will never know our house without a baby in it :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going home

Today I was reminded why we became foster parents.  A little boy needed a place to stay for a few days until he could be released to family... we were able to be that place.  It has to be scary but for four days a little boy could feel safe and have fun.  I am so glad that we are doing this.  I don't know anything about the family...honestly, I am so glad I don't.  Foster parents have no control over where the children go so it is best to just take care of a kid while they need it.  I am learning...slowly but I think I will get the hang of it. 
Now...if only Cohen would stop waking up at 5:30 every morning..AGHHHHH!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kendall...a little mom

Kendall Grace is four, has the sassyness of a teenager  but a soul of a mommy.  Since we got Aaron she hasn't been able to keep her hands off of him.  It sometimes is helpful, most of the time not.  She loves him dearly and it is a joy to see.

 I have enjoyed today as she has worked with our second foster child to make him feel as comfortable as possible by getting him an outfit for the day, holding his hand and getting him the toys that she knew he would enjoy.

I have wondered what this journey as a Foster family would be like.  I know it will have extreme ups and downs but I am so touched by the compassion that my kids are having on these kids who come and out of their lives.   I am so thankful for this opportunity.

What it must feel like.

Last night we picked up our second foster child.  It will most likely be short term but unlike our foster baby he is three.  He understands he is not with family and doesn't understand what is going on.  I was trying to put myself in his shoes last night and I just couldn't even fathom what it must feel like.  The tears were constant and the words "I want to go home" kept coming up.
I am so glad God put us on this journey but it seems so unfortunate that parents put their kids in this situation to be removed.  Hopefully today we can give him a good home and that he will remember this time as happy instead of scary.
I think a trip to the museum is in store for us today!  A trip with five kids...I'll let you know how it goes :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Stress I inflict upon myself....

I am a people person.  I have always been one to want to do everything in fear that I will be missing something.  I hear about free food and I want to be the first one there....I love a deal!  Unfortunately with these deals many times I am going to these places 4 kids in tow.  Today they had free kids meals at noodles, instead of doing the easy thing and going home, making the kids lunch and doing naps, I decided to take my four kids to Noodles, on the way there Cohen took a nap which was his 10 min nap for the day.  Then we  get there I have to wait in line for 15 min to order my food while I watch Cohen and Kendall pour salt and pepper all over the table and devour a rice krispy treat that keeps them busy while they are waiting (nice healthy lunch).  They eat two bites of their FREE food and whine about when their friends are going to get there, when we are wrapping up our friends get there  but by now cohen has a second wind and is running out the door every 30 seconds, while I am trying to talk Landen and Kendall into leaving, getting a refill and dealing with a crying Aaron.   By the time I get all the kids ready and out the door, I have to try and convince my almost-two year old that he needs to follow me to get into the car.  Instead of following me he decides to follow his brother into bushes, by the time I get him out of the bushes he is running around the dumpster.
So moral of my it worth a free kids meal that the kids took two bites out of to be stressed out the rest of the day?  No, but next time there is a free kids meal coupon will I remember that...Probably not.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Post

Well, after long consideration about how much time I don't have to write a blog I decided I should just do it.  I don't journal, scrapbook or whatever so the most my kids and I will ever have is our calendar where I write important events. There is a lot going on in the Moore household to document so I will do my best for myself and my kiddos to get on this thing as much as possible.  Thanks for reading about our crazy lives!