Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cohen is 3!!!!

Three years ago we were blessed with our third child, Cohen came into our lives and I had never felt so much joy.   In these three years we have been entertained, hugged, kissed, hit, yelled at, serenaded, and loved.   This little boy gives our family so much joy and frustration that I can't imagine our lives without him.  Since starting this blog I haven't been great at keeping up with it but since I don't do a baby book I want to at least talk about each kid on their birthday so that we can remember what they were doing each year of their life.   This year the ten facts about Cohen are.......
1.  We just got rid of Boppie (paci) it has been a challenge but two weeks ago a friends dog ate one of his pacis and we were finally able to come up with a good excuse why all of his pacis were broken (I cut them all)  and that they only let babies buy pacis.  Sometimes they say that it is harder for parents than the kids, but I definitely think in Cohen's case it was harder for him.  
2. Cohen can eat Mac and Cheese for every meal.  If it he sees it or it is an option he will pick it.  He has even figured out how to make the microwavable kind.
3. His vocabulary has blossomed this year, he can tell me stories, sing songs, and repeat everything we say.
4.  He wants to do everything the big kids are doing.  If Landen is exploring, he wants to explore, if Kendall is cooking he wants to do it too.  He is definitely 3 going on whatever the big kids are doing.  
5. Cohen loves Cars the movie and everything to do with it.   You will find him watching the movie or playing race cars many hours of the day.
6.  As fearless as Cohen is he is still scared of being in deep water,  he can swim all day as long as he can touch.  
7. He is very opinionated, right now he refuses to wear grey sweatpants, jackets or any shoes other than crocs.  It is a battle most mornings.
8.  I wake up every morning at 6am to Cohen laying on me asking to go downstairs to eat.  Someday I hope he sleeps til at least 8.
9.  He is having a scooby doo birthday party this year,  I am not sure he knows what it all means but he is very excited!
10.  His best bud is Madden a 2 year old that has just as much energy as him.  It is great to see  a "landen and elias" friendship forming!

Happy Birthday Cohen,  we all love you so so so so so so so so so so so MUCH! 

Thanksgiving 2011

I cleaned the house (at least downstairs) for 3 hrs last was all picked up and looked pretty good.  As I went to bed I thought about how I was going to tell the kids when they woke up how hard I worked and how they needed to keep it that way.  When I woke up I thought about how realistic my request was and how it probably won't stay this way but how incredibly blessed I am to have my four munchkins and to be able to clean up their messes.  They have toys to play with, food to make messes with, beds to make, the ability to draw and explore.  WE ARE BLESSED!  I am so thankful for this year that God has given us and the messages he has sent through our family and friends and complete strangers.  I am filled with SO much love and can't believe that I live the life I live.  Am I filled with  "wants and desires"?  Of course, but when I sit back and look at our lives we have so much more than what we deserve and when I think of those things that I want I pray that this year I remember how I feel right now.