Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I cleaned the house (at least downstairs) for 3 hrs last was all picked up and looked pretty good.  As I went to bed I thought about how I was going to tell the kids when they woke up how hard I worked and how they needed to keep it that way.  When I woke up I thought about how realistic my request was and how it probably won't stay this way but how incredibly blessed I am to have my four munchkins and to be able to clean up their messes.  They have toys to play with, food to make messes with, beds to make, the ability to draw and explore.  WE ARE BLESSED!  I am so thankful for this year that God has given us and the messages he has sent through our family and friends and complete strangers.  I am filled with SO much love and can't believe that I live the life I live.  Am I filled with  "wants and desires"?  Of course, but when I sit back and look at our lives we have so much more than what we deserve and when I think of those things that I want I pray that this year I remember how I feel right now.

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